About Afsaneh Zahra Yaghtin (Zara Angel) 

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My name is Zahra Yaghtin. I immigrated to Canada in 2014 and established CrystalCanada Therapy centre in 2018.

I have continued studying in health care field to obtain the certificate of Aromatherapy (essential oil) and Naturopathy practiciner diploma in 2021.

My main study field is IT software engineering. 

Because I really was passion about natural health care system, in 2005 ,I started to study Parapsychology Master (Natural therapy ) and Reiki Master in UAP college of London for 2 years. 

 I started to work in therapy clinics in my country and Dubai and my clients called me Zara Angel. I am also certificated by IWOC ( color therapy association of UK), Chromotherapy and crystal light therapy. I did lots of research and studying about Crystals healing properties to and I wrote a book in 2009 about Crystal healing and Crystal Reiki in my country .
When I came to Canada, I established Dreamland Business (DLB) holding company in 2018 and then running CrystalCanada Therapy Centre  under it.
I  offer some efficient therapy Crystal sound therapy and pyramid therapy in a crystal pyramid because of spicily shape of pyramid can cause boosting energy in the center of pyramid and clear quartz pyramid that is above of patient’s head can lead lots of healing energy to the body.
Also special therapy of chakra therapy like chakra color therapy, smell therapy with incense and using crystal chakra therapy and Reiki to remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy to release stress, anxiety …
Canadian Reiki Association
parapsychology certificate
Aromatherapy zahra yaghtin
CRA certificate

I am the official member of CRA ( Canadian Reiki Association ) too.

Reiki master
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