About Afsaneh Zahra Yaghtin (Zara Angel) 

My name is Zahra Afsaneh Yaghtin (Zara Angel). I am a wellness coach, naturopath, and
therapist in Crystalcanada Clinic & Academy in Montreal west and cote saint-Luc since 2018.

I am honored to introduce my book about decor therapy, Feng shui and raising the vibration of house.

Book: My House My Heaven by Zahra Yaghtin in 2023

– Naturopathy N.D diploma ( International Naturopathy collage of Canada)

– Aromatherapy certificate ( International Naturopathy collage of Canada)

– Reiki Master certificate in UAP college of London 

– Chromotherapy certificate of IWOC  of UK
– Feng shui Master certificate of IAP college of Canada
naturopathy zahra yaghtin
Aromatherapy zahra yaghtin
Canadian Reiki Association
feng shui decortherapy #crystalcanada
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