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Crystal Sound Pyramid

the most complete Energy therapy

The special shape of the pyramid has a wonderful structure that it strengthens the energy circulation.

Energy enters from the bottom of the pyramid and rotates upward in the pyramid, multiplying the action of energy purification.

In Japanese hospitals, they use therapy pyramid and Reiki therapy.

The pyramid creates a field of strong energy. So in Egypt pyramids the dead body never be ruined.

Crystal sound pyramid is made from clear quarts crystal and jade crystal and it is located on top of a bigger crystal pyramid (includes 7 chakra crystals, Amethyst, healing crystals and crystal Pendulums).

When you sit in center of the pyramid under crystal pyramid, you feel you are under a strong energy fall that cover all your body and Aura.  

Using smell therapy and chakra color therapy at the same time can be the best chakra therapy for you.

Crystal pyramid therapy
Crystal therapy adviser

What is Crystal therapy ?

Crystal therapy, which has long been a natural treatment, is now introduced and classified as one of the fields of complementary medicine under the name (gem therapy).


For crystal therapy, the therapist places the crystals on different parts of the body, often corresponding to the chakra, or around the body to create a network of energy around the patient, to create the healing energy surrounds the patient. The crystals are selected with their color and metaphysical quality and placed in parts of the body.


Astronomy & Crystals 



Humans have always depended on the rotation of the stars. They know their time, luck and destiny in the rotation of these stars based on the angle of the stars in the galaxies orbit.


When planets and stars rotate and escape at a certain angle to the sun; transfer a certain energy.


Every star has positive energy and happiness in a certain month and at a certain angle, so the sun is as proud as any other star.

Astronomy crystal

What is Crystal Grid?


A very mysterious and ancient symbol found all over the world, it consists of 19 circles, known as the Flower Of Life, in which the crystals are placed at an angle that multiplies their energy.

crystal grid


Subconscious Mind



The subconscious mind is an integral part of you and it can help you to extract the hidden power within you.

The subconscious mind is one of the most important factors in the mind energy field, which is the most important reason for achieving or not achieving your goals and wishes.


You need to know how to program your subconscious mind to achieve you goal.

mind power
3th eye

3th eye techniques

Everyone has a sixth sense and constantly uses it during their daily activities. The sixth sense manifests itself in many different ways, from seeing what others cannot see to hearing sounds that others can.

They cannot hear or an event that others do not know is about to happen, and the sixth sense is an unnatural process for the transmission of information and energy, such as telepathy.
Third eye activation techniques should be used to strengthen the sixth sense.



Telepathy is a psychological phenomenon in which minds are connected. Such telepathic psychological connections include thoughts, ideas, feelings, senses, and even mental images.

Telepathy is very effective when both the receiver and the transmitter are physically relaxed. Being healthy also helps you focus better.


Look at a photo of the receiver before the test and then imagine the receiver in color and correctly in front of yourself. 

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