Naturopathy Crystal Canada Therapy Centre 

Naturopathy CrystalCanada

Crystal Canada Therapy Centre offers the natural therapies for your health & happiness.

These days people have more knowledge about the disadvantages of using chemical meditations .So they prefer to use more natural health products  and natural health therapy.

📍 16 Westminster Av north, unit 206             ☎️Reserve: 438 927 6262

naturopathy practitioner

Naturopathy practitioner

✅ Checking general health
✅ Advising Natural health products 
✅ Advising health techniques 

✅ Advising Natural medication 
✅ Aromatherapy essential oil

detoxify body

Body Detoxification 

✅ Checking general health
✅ Natural blood detoxification 
✅ Liver & Kidney detoxification 

Digestive system detoxification
✅ Nervous system detoxification 


Diet & managing the weight 

✅ Checking general health
✅ Advising best diet 
✅ Advising best drinks  

Controlling the weight & body fat

stress managing

Stress Managing  

✅ Checking general health
✅ Stress managing  techniques
✅ Anxiety controlling techniques

Depression improving 
✅ Meditation & Yoga techniques

skin care

Natural skin & hair care 

✅ Natural skin care 
✅ Natural Hair care 
✅ Natural skincare products

Natural haircare products

balancing energy

Balancing body Energy

✅ Quartz light therapy
✅ Aromatherapy massage
✅ Chakra therapy
✅ Crystal therapy

✅ Reiki 

Become a Crystal therapist

become a therapist

CrystalCanada therapy center offers  the courses of ” Become a Crystal therapist” in 3 levels. You can become a professional crystal therapist and get certificate after passing the exams.

These courses includes videos, E-books and live sessions for exams.

You will learn about :

💎Health benefit of Quartz

💎How to use the healing crystals on head & body

💎How to do Chakra therapy with crystals

💎Healing crystal for digestive, nervous, blood, immune and breathing systems

💎Identifying the healing stones & crystals

💎How to Charge the Chakras with stones after therapy session

💎How to clean the stone’s negative energy

💎Different kind of crystal grids and how to work with them

💎How to calculate Kua number and use in crystal therapy

💎How to do Crystal pyramid therapy




Crystal Canada products

crystalcanada product


Learn more about CrystalCanada products ….



We offer the unique natural crystal products made of  natural crystals and rocks and also real herbs and essential oils. Our natural products help to reduce stress, Anxiety, depression, headache, migraine, relive the pain and Aura protection.



💎Natural Crystal Spray


💎Crystal tea bottle


💎Crystal pens ( Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine)


💎Crystal necklace & bracelet

crystal spray

Crystal Spray

1- Calmness spray reduce stress crystal spray
2- Anti Anxiety crystal spray
3- Anti depression crystal spray
4- Migraine and tension Headache crystal spray
5- Relieving pain crystal spray
6-Reducing sleep problem crystal spray ( sweet dreams)


 ̶3̶0̶ $  25 $

Crystal tea bottle

to make like Ginger tea, Green tea …
1- Amethyst & quartz  > remove stress & anxiety
2- Rose quartz & quartz  > improve health & love 
3- Citrine &d quartz  > reduce depression& improve happiness
4- Hematite & quartz > remove negative energy 

  ̶5̶5̶ $       45 $ 


Crystal Pens

1- Amethyst pen > Anti stress/focusing 

2- Citrine Pen > Anti depression/ wealth 

3- Rose quartz Pen > love & health 

4- Obsidian Pen >  good luck 


̶3̶0̶ $      15 $

kua protection

Crystal Kua protection

 Protection stones bracelet with a copper Reiki sign, According to your birth year

   click here to find your Kua number  


̶3̶0̶ $       15 $


CrystalCanada Therapy Centre offers the online and digital health treatments that you can take advantages from your place. 


1- How to do the Chakra Therapy ( clean and charge Chakra)

2- How to activate the 3th eye 

3- Practical techniques to reduce depression

4- Practical techniques to control the stress

5- Yoga therapy for better life 


To know more about these treatments

Click here to see health packages

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