Book of My House My Heaven By Zahra Yaghtin

My House My Heaven

“My House My Heaven” is one of the best sources for you to help raise the vibrations of your place and improve pleasant feelings. It offers a kind of décor
therapy method that evaluates and analyzes the energy of your home or workplace and identifies the factors that cause energy imbalance and bring about
bad feelings or any unpleasant issue.

This book helps you choose the best color, materials, and furniture for your decoration to raise the vibe of each corner of your place.

It may be that your house or workplace is located near train tracks, highways, public parking, high-voltage poles, hospitals, churches, police stations,
cemeteries, gas stations, or any place that can create harmful electromagnetic waves that can have a negative effect on the physical and mental health of
residents and cause imbalances in energy, diseases, financial problems, emotional problems, study and focusing problems, and so on. This book can
guide you to balance your energy and solve the problem instead of moving to a new place.
The décor therapy techniques in this book are based on scientific formulas (mathematics and physics rules) and are easy to understand.
This book gives you an opportunity to analyze the energy waves in your place and use the best techniques to balance energy and raise the vibration of the place.
As I mentioned before, this book is my first step toward my great goal of helping people improve the quality of their lives, and in the next steps, I have planned to offer two more books: one about body well-being, which is the best self-health care source for everyone, and the other about soul and mind well-being to help you raise your vibration and have permanent happiness. I hope that in this
way you help me to do my mission in the best way.

This book is available in CrystalCanada Clinic & Academy or order it through email 

My House My Heaven by Zahra Yaghtin

What makes this book special?

At the end of each section there is a specific part for you where you can write down your own notes and conditions about your own place to compare with the contents of the book and how to fix the problem.

high vibe home

High vibe home (Decortherapy)     

 Group 3-4 people (30$ per session)  

✅ Raise energy of the house
✅ Best decoration for house
✅ Best color for decoration

✅ Bagua (Energy chart) 
✅ Personal décor therapy (Kua)

✅ Feng shui & Décor therapy
✅ House Remedy for negative waves

Decortherapy course
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